Dart Board Rules And Games

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Just as in any other sport, darts have regulations as well. Do you enjoy playing darts in your free time? Have you ever wondered about the technical details of the game, such as dart board measurements? Dart board regulations usually refer to dart board height and distance, scoring rules, as well as general play rules. Are you a genuine darts fan?

As if you're throwing darts from a completely random height/distance at home, when you head down the pub or http://electronic-dart-board.blogspot.com/ start playing from regulation distances, your game will feel completely off. Having the correct dart board setup is a key aspect to improving your game, and any practice made without having the correct dart board height and distance is essentially wasted.

‘01’ style games (301, 501, electronic dartboard 701 etc) are fixed score games where players take turns adding their scores attempting to reach the specified 01 number exactly. Darts is played with a variety of different rules and http://electronic-dart-board.blogspot.com/ game types with the most popular games being cricket and ‘01’ games. All dart games are played by taking turns throwing all three of your darts at the board from behind the oche line. Cricket games are race-style games where players must hit the numbers 15-20 and the bullseye three times each.

Darts are the most fun when you actually keep score.  I've used all kinds of systems.  Paper and pen, chaulk-board, white board, etc.  Those are all decent and if you plan to use one of those system just think about where the scoring will take place.

It is time to set up a throwing distance from the dart board. You can also measure throwing distance as 93.25 inches, 2.37 meter or 237 centimetres.  Measure distance 7 feet 9 inches and a quarter from the front of the dart board to the front of the oche (throwing line).

For more information on dart board height and throw line distance see dart board height. The most common question about darts is how high should the dart board be and how far should the throw line be from the dart board.  For steel tip, the distance is 7' 9 1/4" (2.37m) and the distance for soft tip is 8' (2.4384m). The hieght is the same for both soft and steel tip boards and is 5' 8" (1.72m).  The distance to the throw line is measured from the face size of dart board the dartboard.